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Apply 1-2 times every day for two wk. Sertaconazole Ertaczo 2% cream Secure and efficient for TP. Sulconazole Exelderm 1% cream, 1% resolution Safe and efficient for TP, TCr, Buy zoloft online and TCo. Apply qd-bid for three wk. Naftifine Naftin 1% cream, 1% gel, 2% cream, 2% gel Safe and effective for TP, TCr, and TCo. Terbinafine hydrochloride Desenex Max, Lamisil AT 1% gel, Buy Fungueal online 1% cream, 1% spray Protected and effective for TP, TCr, and TCo. TP might resolve after 1 wk, but 4 wk could also be required for full symptom resolution. Butenafine hydrochloride Lotrimin Ultra, Mentax 1% cream Secure and effective for Buy Fungueal online TP, TCr, and TCo. Apply to affected area. Surrounding pores and skin qd for two wk. For interdigital TP, apply qd for four wk or bid for 1 wk. Ciclopirox Ciclodan, Penlac 0.77% cream, 0.77% gel, 0.77% suspension, 0.77% solution, 8% nail lacquer Protected and Buy Terbix online efficient for TP, TCr, TCo, and candidiasis. Apply bid. Symptom relief may occur inside 1st wk, however continue for 2-4 wk to prevent recurrence. TP requires 4 wk. Additionally used for TU. Tolnaftate Absorbine Jr., Lamisil AF, Tinactin 1% cream, 1% powder aerosol, 1% gel, 1% spray resolution, 1% powder, 1% answer Permitted for prevention and treatment of TP, TCr, Buy Fungueal online and TCo. Apply to affected space bid for 2-4 wk (4-6 wk could also be required). Buy Fungueal online

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